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Welcome to our Vision and Values . . .


We aim to build everything that we do on a set of 15 Christian values:

Each of these values, while not exclusively Christian, have a clear biblical basis and particular importance in the doctrines of the Christian faith.

These values form the basis for the worship life of the school, underpin our approach to discipline, provide expectations for behaviour and influence the way in which all members of the school community conduct themselves.

We work through the exploration of these values on a four year rolling programme, with a termly or half termly focus on one in particular.

For more information please visit Christian Values for Schools.  

Please visit our Home page for our current values focus.

Promotion of ‘British’ Values:

We take very seriously the current Government’s focus on promoting the following values throughout the school and beyond. We feel strongly that they are supported in the foundation we provide through our development of the 15 Christian values.  

democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty (and responsibility),

mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.



A brief summary of the vision statement for St. Mark’s appears, in no particular order, below:


We aim to provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment in which everyone is able to learn, try new things and grow as a fully rounded individual: finding strength in God and soaring on wings like eagles.

We aim to provide education in accordance with the principles and practices of the Church of England.  Worship, good quality Religious Education and spiritual development are at the heart of every aspect of the work of our school.  

Celebration, inclusion, forgiveness, grace and mercy are some of the key aspects of school life that give it a distinctive Christian ethos.

We are currently working to develop our understanding of the values that underpin the work of a church school. The focus this school year is on: endurance, friendship, thankfulness and fellowship. Such values operate as a filter for decision making at every level and help to guide the activities and life of the school.


British Values Promotion Chart

Code of Conduct

Equality Objectives 2015 - 2016.pdf

Values Focus ‘Compassion’

Values Focus ‘Service’

Values Focus ‘Reverence’

Values Focus ‘Wisdom’

Values Focus ‘Humility’

Values Focus ‘Fellowship’ (1)

Values Focus ‘Endurance’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Justice’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Peace’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Thankfulness’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Trust’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Hope’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Friendship’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Forgiveness’ (to follow)

Values Focus ‘Creation / Creativity’

Values Focus ‘Fellowship’ (2)